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 Skills in Peace Making Workshop Presentation by Kim Kristensen.  An interactive question and answer session that offers skills in deep listening, basic conflict resolution, compassionate assertiveness, team building,  the
neuropsychology of conflict, conflict coaching, leadership, dealing with
difficult people, and emotional processing. The format will be informal and
interactive with some presentation by Kim depending on where the questions and conversations go.  Reference:  Center for Nonviolent Communication

Vietnam veteran Mike Boehm, of Virginia has shared his experiences with us.  been working in My Lai and elsewhere in Vietnam since 1992. Boehm has traveled to Vietnam 26 times since then to facilitate humanitarian projects in collaboration with Phan Van Do, an English teacher from Quang Ngai province. Their efforts have facilitated the construction of a medical clinic, primary schools in My Lai, and loans to more than 3,000 poor women based on the Grameen Bank model of micro credit. Other projects include construction of more than 100 Compassion Houses for extremely poor women, victims of Agent Orange and extremely poor veterans.
They were also instrumental in creating the My Lai Peace Park, of which Yoko Ono said “Congratulations for having created such a significant and beautiful park. This park will not only help the wronged spirits to rest peacefully, but it will send a strong healing vibration to the whole world.”
Since 1996 they have facilitated, through the Art Penpals project, the exchange of art work between the children of My Lai and Madison, WI. These humanitarian projects of Madison Quakers, Inc. have been covered by media from around the world including, here in the U.S., Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! and Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes.
The event is free and open to the public.

Paul Chappell  Paul K. Chappell, West Point graduate of 2002 and former army captain who served in Iraq, will discuss the myths that perpetuate war and how we must wage peace in order to solve our national and global problems of the 21st century.  Part African-American, part Asian and part Caucasian, Chappell is now Peace Leadership Director of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation.  His talk is the keynote lecture for the 2013 Honors Conference “Eight Days Around the World.”

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