Plowshare Peace and Justice Center of Roanoke  thanks YOU!

Easy Online and secure option available;   %5 from every Kroger Card sale; T-shirt sales, and checks welcomed.  THANK YOU!

Your contribution helps keep community programs available,  newsletters sent out to over 500 recipients, office space open at Grandin Gardens, and  other community service projects going in Roanoke and SW Va.!

To make an online contribution, GO TO THE GOOGLE DONATE box to the upper right:

Enter the $ amount   you can share,  and then  click the Donate button.  You will  be linked to a form to fill out a google account and password, then you will be sent to a form (similar to paypal) where you type in next form with your contribution payment information which does not proceed until you finish the forms and continue to end and click last “make payment” button.

OR  Send your check directly to Plowshare:

Please  send check to: “Plowshare Peace Center”,
P.O. Box 4367, Roanoke, Va. 24015

If you wouild like a Kroger gift card,    Please send in the extra $5. along with your regular contribution amount to the above PO Box and remember to include your mailing address or send us a self addressed envelope. We will send the preloaded $5 card.   You can then take the card to the service desk at Kroger and add more cash amounts to it.  Then each time you use the card to pay for groceries, 5% will be recorded and sent by Kroger to Plowshare!   It really works.  What a great idea.  We have already received hundreds of dollars with just a few cards out there.

Get Your Gift Card TODAY!

T-Shirt  available for just $10.   Send your t-shirt request and size to the above address. 

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