Public Information Committee

The Public Information Committee works to improve public access to information through our public media.  We are currently encouraging WVTF to have a responsive, representative, and responsible Community Advisory Board that adheres to the letter and spirit of the intent  of The Communications Act.

Plowshare’s WVTF Campaign Scores Major Victory: CPB  Inspector General Rules WVTF must have a Community Advisory Board

- Demonstrations at WVTF

 - Demonstrations at WVTF Radio Station occur during the WVTF Artist Open House, now held on an occasional Friday from 5 PM – 7 PM.  You are invited to meet with us  to hold signs along the road leading up to the radio station.  Please meet us at the station on Kingsbury Lane.  You can find out when the next one will be by adding your name to a contact list: please contact Michael Bentlley;

Click here for the overview from the Public Radio Campaign  

We ask you to support our efforts to bring Democracy Now! to Southwestern Virginia, and our campaign for a Community Advisory Board at WVTF.  ·  You can write a letter, asking WVTF to broadcast Democracy Now!.   Please send to:  General Manager,  Mr. Glenn Gleixner, General Manager, WVTF – FM Radio, 3520 Kingsbury Lane, Roanoke, VA. 24014 .  E-mail:

Click here for the overview from the Public Radio Campaign 

Experience Democracy Now! TV and Radio

More on Democracy Now!

For more infomation, contact Mike Bentley at

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