Committee Coordinators:

Director, Volunteers,  and Newsletter - 

Gary Sandman, 540-989-0393

Public Information  

Michael Bentley, 540- 389-3752

Death Penalty Information and Vigils -

Gene Edmunds, 540-343-3100 ; and Manuel Dotson, 540-344-3997

Silent  Peace Vigil, Witness to War  -

Michael Bentley, 540-389-3752

Programs -

Gary Sandman, 540- 989-0393 or Polly Branch, 774-6232

Newspaper Distribution -

Cindy Bowles, 540-345-6586 and looking for another volunteer

Carpool Information for out of town events -

Herb Beskar, 540-989-6875

Outreach –

Polly Branch,  774-6232

Finance -

Gary Sandman, 540-989-0393

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