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Plowshare Vigil is Back at the Market Building!

Press coverage about  vigil

Roanoke Times

 Channel 7

Plowshare Peace Center holds peace vigil in Roanoke,     Source:

Members of the Plowshare peace group returned to their spot outside the Roanoke City Market Building on Saturday.,0,6744168.story


 Roanoke Times

Roanoke City Market Building peace vigils resume A ruling by a federal judge paved the way for a settlement to allow Plowshare Peace and Justice Center to continue holding public assemblies.

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 Channel 10

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Silent Peace Vigil, back at the Market Building

Dear friends,
Thanks to those who turned out for the silent peace vigil today.  We had about 40 people, twice our usual group.  We were particularly pleased to see Occupy Roanoke people present.
Passerby were very supportive, honking and flashing peace signs.  Some people brought us donuts and others hot chocolate.  The businesses -whom the City Market Building Foundation were concerned we were going to disrupt -in fact, offered to bring us out water and to store people's belongings during the vigil.  And after the vigil, most of us went into the City Market Building and had lunch. 
This is what free speech look like.  Thanks, Roanoke!
Gary Sandman Plowshare Director
540-989-0393 Facebook page at plowshare peace center
PS Channels 7 and 10 and the Roanoke Times covered the event.  Please check them out.

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Plowshare Peace & Justice Center of Roanoke VA. is a grassroots organization focused on working for peace and justice for all beings. We serve Southwest Virginia and link with groups in Virginia and across the nation.

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